Welcome to the Collective

The Lynchburg Collective is dedicated to finding Sweden’s top software talent and pairing them with opportunities where they make the greatest impact. 

We Are Software Renegades

We’re not hung up on the number of years our engineers have been pushing commits at FAANG or the length and brands of their bonafides. We look for transcendence– engineers whose abilities are paired with vision and the soft skills to elevate those around them. Our engineers are more than the sum of their skillsets and multiply the capabilities of their teams. 

Excellence doesn’t mean exclusion. This is why our boutique consultancy has representation from 6 countries and backgrounds across the spectra of age, race, neurodiveristy, gender identity, religion and sexual orientation. Each of us is unique, but we are united by big ideas and grand aspirations.

Working for Good

Rare talents need rare opportunities to stay happy. That’s why we work with some of the most innovative companies in Sweden and abroad, placing our consultants where they can do the most good. 

Whether you’re pushing the boundaries of frontend or scaling your backend; building for web, server, or embedded; searching for someone to lead your team or division or trying to find that last missing piece– we have you covered.

Part of the Removement

The more code we push, the more carbon we capture. Through our partnership with Removement, every hour we work we capture 1 kg of CO2 tracked through a home-grown carbon registry. 

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