We are creative minds wired for todays digital world

We are tech entrepreneurs, digital designers and software developers – creative minds wired for today’s digital world. We strive to make this only world easier, happier and more sustainable by developing things that matters. Together we shape the future of technology that truly makes a difference for our clients, society and ourselves. When technology, creativity and passionate people solves real problems, it creates a butterfly effect. The smallest wingstroke can cause a massive hurricane and change peoples lives.

Simple, not easy!

What's freedom to create?

We know that people rise above their own limits given the opportunity to challenge themselves. One day a week is the whole future when we go venture. We spend 80% in projects towards our customers, and the other 20% we invest in ourselves and our venture companies. We believe that investing this time, exploring new ideas is the best way to stay sharp and engaged. This kind of luxury makes sense to us.